Dubai is a land that loves opulence. Bugatti is a car that is very nearly in the dictionary next to that O word. Dubai and Bugatti go together rather nicely, so it's almost surprising that it's taken a developer this long to incorporate the French brand into some form of property development. The long nightmare is over though, because Damac is on the job.

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Damac is known for offering serious incentives for those who purchase one of its properties, with a Lamborghini Aventador Roadster previously being offered. Be it motorized or monetized, Damac is inventive in its offerings. The latest plan? Damac is creating a number of villas at its Akoya Oxygen location that are inspired by the design language of Bugatti Veyron supercar.

Ettore 971 Bugatti Villas

Ettore 971 Bugatti Villas

These seven-bedroom villas sit along a new 18-hole golf course that's been designed by Tiger Woods. There is floor to ceiling glass throughout, and the furniture will be crafted to mimic the lines of Bugatti's automobiles. Thanks to all of that glass, you'll be able to see your car from most spots in the home. It becomes a piece of the artwork that is the home, really.

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The starting price of a Bugatti Villa is nearly $10 million. If you can afford to stick a Bugatti in your glass-covered parking space, you can afford a $10 million villa too. Live it up, (wealthy) folks!


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