For those who follow high-profile auctions, the situation surrounding this 2006 Ferrari FXX is almost unfathomable.

Because while it bears the signature of legendary F1 driver Michael Schumacher, when FXX 29/30 hits the block at the end of the month, it will likely sell for less than its original sticker price. 

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But that's not because of something as pedestrian as standard depreciation.

The track-only models were originally sold through the FXX program, where Ferrari VIPs essentially paid to become development drivers. And this one comes à la carte, without the track-side support and ongoing factory-performed maintenance, hence the discount.

Estimates say it should go for somewhere around $2.3 million, a relative bargain compared to the $3 million the program package would have cost in 2006.

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And while it's nearly ten years old, the FXX remains a formidable track weapon. The naturally aspirated V-12 produces 809 horsepower, and the car benefits from numerous bits of F1-derived technology. It has been owned by a collector since 2007, when it was purchased directly from Ferrari. Only 1,500 miles are on the clock.    

Coincidentally, FXX 30/30—the only one in black—was  built specifically for Schumacher, who is currently recovering from a devastating skiing accident suffered in December of 2014. There have been no updates regarding the condition of the seven-time Formula One champion since he left a Swiss hospital nearly a year ago

The Ferrari FXX 29/30 will be auctioned September 26th in Berlin, Germany.


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