Ferrari’s FXX program is one that's more exclusive than any other Ferrari program—including the Enzo—with just 31 FXXs in existence.

But for Michael Schumacher it just got a little bit more exclusive.

Schumie was given a special edition ‘Michael Schumacher’ FXX, decked out completely in black. It is the only all-black FXX, with most of the other owners going with a red or yellow car.

With rumors that the seven-time world champion will announce his retirement on Sunday, at least Schumie will have a 588-kilowatt FXX to play around with, in addition to his personal collection of supercars.

Ferrari constantly touts the FXX program as a major link with its customers, so with Schumie at the helm of his 'black beauty' maybe we’ll be getting some racing slicks and a pit crew for when we get a flat.


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