In the market for a new home? Perhaps you should consider the Damac Maison building on Dubai's Mall Street. Splurge a little and opt for one of the penthouses, because you'll be rewarded not just with an amazing view but with a car as well. That's right, the Damac real estate and building company is throwing in a vehicle for you. We're not talking about a new Corolla here, either.

Spend a very large amount of money on some new digs, and you'll be rewarded with a 2014 Lamborghini Aventador Roadster. That should help instantly add about $500,000 to the value of your property anytime it's parked on-site.

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This sounds like a hell of a "giveaway", but it's par for the course for the Damac team. In the past, Audi vehicles were part of a move-in special with penthouse buyers getting an R8, while three-bedroom buyers received an A8. If you bought a two-bedroom property you got an A6, and the one-bedroom units came with an Audi A4. Damac typically gives away high-end offerings with its high-end listings, and these have even ranged from the aforementioned cars up to boats and planes.

No word yet on what the cost of a penthouse will be once it's completed. We imagine it will be a bit more than the cost of the car, of course.


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