Singer Vehicle Design is the team behind those gorgeous Porsche cars that you've been drooling over the last few years. They take an older 911 and, in their words and those of the Porsche Legal Department, re-imagine the car into something a bit... more. It has more performance, more minute details, and costs more than you average house.

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Typically, these are rolling works of art where every bolt has been given the attention usually reserved and required of an engineer to launch something into orbit.

Each vehicle is given a name, with that name being a place. The car named Virginia has found itself in North Carolina. It's there for a reason too, as this marks the first time a customer-owned Singer vehicle has been displayed at a national concours event. The Pinehurst Concours d'Elegance kicks off on Saturday May 2nd, and the Singer Virginia will be shown at a variety of events throughout the weekend.

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This 911 started life as a 1990 (964-generation) car. Once in the skilled hands of the Singer team, it's been outfitted with a 3.8-liter engine developed by Cosworth that produces 350 horsepower. On the corners, SVD fitted KW coilovers and a big brake kit. Inside is more Singer detail work, from the leather seating to the badging and trim.

It's not a cliche when you call these cars rolling works of art because that's precisely what they are. 


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