Some might think it a sacrilege to swap internal combustion from electric power in an iconic car like a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback. But that's conventional thinking—and Mitch Medford and the team at Bloodshed Motors don't do conventional.    

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The Zombie 222—as the classic Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] steed has been dubbed—isn't some kind of art-for-art's-sake enterprise though. Far from it.

Medford has nursed an addiction to speed his entire life, and wanted to make sure his labor of love would devour records as well as rubber. Given his home base is in the Lonestar State, the Texas Mile was a natural choice for him and his electrified band of gearheads to test their mettle.

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This video from The Verge tells the story of their attempt to break the electric car record at the famed strip, and packs as much energy as the car's formidable batteries.

We don't want to ruin what's truly a compelling video, so watch to see how the Zombie 222 fares on the sunbaked Texas tarmac.  


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