Last year, Arnold Schwarzenegger offered fans a unique opportunity.

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With help from the folks at Omaze, the Terminator himself would provide one hell of a day for a lucky winner. The gist of the contest was that you earn raffle tickets when you donate to the charity After-School All-Stars. Arnold would match the donations dollar-for-dollar, and one lucky person would be plucked from all the entries. Said winner would then be flown to Los Angeles to hang out with Arnold and drive over stuff in his tank.

Yes, that's as awesome as it sounds... in fact, it's even better, because they filmed it and made it into a fun trailer video that serves as a sequel. That's right, they're doing this again, but this time you get to blow shit up.

The recipient charity remains the same, but the grand prize appears to be better than ever. One person will fly to LA, hang with the man who took out a Predator, and then ride around in and fire the main gun on his tank.

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That last sentence needs to be reread because it's excellence can't be fully understood in one read-through. Additionally, if you have a whole lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, the top Omaze gift level is pretty excellent as well. Spend $50,000 and you get to go to a poker tournament held at Arnold's house.

A charity wins out. And one lucky fan really wins out by getting to shoot at things from a tank... with Conan the Barbarian.


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