Would you like to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger? Would you like to go to Los Angeles? Would you like to drive a tank? Would you like to crush things with that tank?

If you answered "yes" to all or even most of the above, then Arnold has the perfect contest for you. If your answer was "no", then kindly leave, you aren't needed here. You'd also be missing out on helping the Afterschool All-Stars charity, the whole idea behind this City of Angels hang-out-with-Terminator-and-destroy-things exercise.

Recently, reveals Motor Trend, Schwarzenegger became the owner of a 49-ton, 750-horsepower M48 Patton tank. No, not the Mercedes Unimog he also owns, but a real military tank! Because that's the sort of thing you do when you've starred in some of the greatest action movies ever and had a stint as Governator of California. But rather than just terrorizing L.A. and running over vapid celebrities, unfortunate tourists and Toyota Prius hybrids, Arnold is using his powers for good.

Anyone who heads over to Omaze.com/Arnold and pays the minimum $10 entry fee (which Arnie will match dollar-for-dollar) puts their name into the hat for a trip for two to Los Angeles, during which time you'll get to hang out with Arnold and his tank, squash a few objects of your choice, and generally spend the time pretending you're in a real-life Grand Theft Auto video game... though we suspect the cannon has been disabled for legal reasons.

To get a better idea of what your day will be like, watch the video above.  And start thinking of other things you'd like to see somewhat flatter than you're used to. You'd better make it fast, too--the contest closes in a couple of days.


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