Koenigsegg has brought a new, more potent version of its Agera supercar to the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The new version is called the “Agera RS”, and it packs a 1,160-horsepower version of the Swedish marque’s familiar twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V-8. That figure, Koenigsegg tells us, was achieved using regular pump gas.

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By comparison, the current Agera R only musters up 960 hp on pump gas and the Agera S manages 1,016 hp. Incredibly, Agera RS buyers looking for even more power need only fill their tank with E85 fuel. Of course, Koenigsegg’s One:1 and new Regera ‘megacars’ remain supreme with their respective 1,341 hp and 1,500 hp outputs.

In addition to a more potent engine, the Agera RS also benefits from a number of enhancements gleaned from the One:1. These include advanced lightweight sound insulation, new aero components aimed at boosting downforce, (front splitter, front winglets, side skirts, advanced dynamic underbody flap system and a dynamically active rear spoiler) and new vents behind the front wheels. Downforce is said to have been increased to as much as 990 pounds at 155 mph. The transmission, meanwhile, is a seven-speed dual-clutch unit.

On top of these standard upgrades, there is also a long list of options for Agera RS buyers that can further boost the car’s performance. These include a separate aero package, active suspension with pre-defined setups for some of the world’s top race tracks, active sound cancellation, a roof scoop and an active shock absorber system. Agera RS buyers can also opt for a One:1 engine package meaning output can be dialed up to 1,341 hp!

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For the interior, Agera RS buyers can add anodizing for some of the surfaces, accent stitching, a backup camera, a luggage set and even a diamond-encrusted key fob. Like all of Koenigsegg’s models, the Agera RS also features a detachable and storable roof.

Just 25 examples of the Agera RS are destined for production, and already 10 of the build slots have been reserved. Together with the new Regera, Koenigsegg will for the first time be producing two distinct models simultaneously. While the Regera is aimed at buyers seeking a luxurious performance car, the Agera RS is positioned as the ultimate track tool. In fact, Koenigsegg is likely to use it in its quest to set a new production car lap record for the ‘Ring, a record that currently stands at 6:57, as set by the Porsche 918 Hybrid in 2013.

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