There have been a number of adventurous car builders over the years who have waded into the depths of twin-engined madness. The good folks at BangShift have been exploring this realm recently, and they've unearthed something truly wonderful in the form of something unexpected.

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A long time ago during a time called "The 90's", a challenge was put out by Sport Compact Car Magazine. To answer this call, Mattech Motorsports started with a Hyundai Tiburon... and then added in extra oomph by way of a second engine.

Up front sits a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces over 300 horsepower. In the rear you'll find another turbocharged four-cylinder engine also producing over 300 horsepower. The resulting total power output is easy to figure out even if you're terrible at math. What the team now had was a Tiburon that could put down over 600 horsepower by way of its front and rear wheels.

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In the quarter mile, the two-hearted Tiburon would ring the bell with a time of 10.96 seconds. The real fun would happen at much slower speeds though, as the driver could operate the two transmissions independently. Put one engine in reverse, the other in Drive, and mash the throttle. The resulting donuts produced are so tight that Dunkin is thinking about a lawsuit.

Watch the video and marvel at, not only its 90's-ness, but the sheer insanity and awesome being produced by a... Hyundai Tiburon!


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