Remember Briton Paul Bailey who used a McLaren P1 to first pick up a Ferrari LaFerrari and then, together with his wife, drive over to pick up a Porsche 918 Spyder as well, completing the hypercar Trifecta in the process.

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Well, he’s the star of a new video from SupercarDRIVER which was filmed on the day that he picked up the cars and includes some excellent commentary about the excitement of taking delivery of such fine pieces of machinery as well as the feeling of being behind the wheel.

In case you were wondering, Bailey and his wife were the owners of a communications company that they sold for over $40 million. Since then, he’s been expanding his fleet of supercars and doing his best to share them with the world in videos like these. Bailey is also a member of a group that raffles off rides in his cars, and the money supports worthy causes.

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