The tried and true formula for selling shoes is apparently to take a high-horsepower automobile and drive it in a manner that shows off serious car-control skills. That's what Ken Block uses back when he was shilling DC Shoes, and it's now the route that the Famous Footwear shoe chain has decided to go with. We're not complaining here, by the way, because the Famous team decided to make their run in a minivan.

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A minivan that's rear-wheel-drive and packing a V-8 LS3 heart under its hood.

The setup is a good one here, as a mom picks up her kids from school in the family hauler. That family hauler is hiding its aforementioned secret and promptly begins to haul ass. The route takes mom and kids through their suburban neighborhood before winding up at the local shoe store. It's a great take on the Gymkhana videos, even if the fake tire squealing is a bit hokey in parts.

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It's otherwise well shot, and it's a fun way to kill a few minutes. Also... we really want to drive that minivan. That's a phrase we'd never thought would be written here, but there you go.


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