The 2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class hasn't been around for long, but renowned German tuning firm Brabus has already turned its attention to the sedan with a full package of styling and tuning parts. As ever, buyers can choose everything from simple wheel upgrades to the full Brabus performance kits and interior re-trims.

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Brabus calls its approach 'sporty-elegant', and while the firm's vehicles haven't always been subtle, the C-Class package treads the right line between increased aggression and understated menace. Alloy wheel designs up between 18 and 20 inches in diameter are the most obvious visual change—equipped with either Continental, Pirelli or Yokohama tires depending on your preference—but Bilstein lowered suspension also adds aesthetic impact.

Bodywork and trim changes start with the familiar Brabus 'B' logo, which replaces Mercedes' three-pointed star on the grille. A new front spoiler is also available, which Brabus claims reduces lift, joined by a subtle lip spoiler on the trunk lid. Buyers can also opt for a front bumper incorporating air intakes, and at the rear there's the obligatory diffuser element. Cutouts to either side of the diffuser make room for a Brabus quad-exit exhaust system.

Side skirts are also included in the aerodynamic package, which have the option of LED lights—presumably to help illuminate puddles as you step out of the car. That's if you can drag yourself away from the retrimmed interior, swathed in various cuts of leather and Alcantara according to the buyer's demands. Brabus-branded floor mats, illuminated kick plates, aluminum pedals and even Brabus door lock pins are also available.

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It's under the hood where Brabus really gets to show its worth. Only tuning packages for European models have been announced, which means upgrades to the four-cylinder turbocharged C200 and the diesel C220 Bluetec—but the gains are significant. Power in the C200 is boosted by 41 hp (to 225 horses) and there's another 22 lb-ft of torque too. The 0-62 mph sprint drops to seven seconds (from 7.5) and top speed is up 3 mph to 150 mph.

The 170-horse C220 diesel has also been improved. Power is up 48 hp, and peak torque is now 332 lb-ft. It's almost as quick as the Brabus-tuned C200 at 7.1 seconds to 62 mph, and top speed is just 1 mph shy of its gasoline counterpart. All Brabus-tuned Mercedes enjoy a 3-year/62,000 mile Tuning Warranty for peace of mind. Prices? Those aren't listed, but as we've come to expect from Brabus, you pay handsomely for quality workmanship...


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