The Youabian Puma is a vehicle we’ve previously been reluctant to touch (or look at directly). But there’s a promo video of the hideous beast roaming the web, and we just had to share, if only because misery loves company.

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This, friends and neighbors, is the Youabian Puma. It’s a custom-created monstrosity that, according to its maker, was created with one goal in mind: “To standout and be unique!”

Job done, then.

Unfortunately, the goals of standing out and being unique are apparently mutually exclusive with the goal of being attractive or aesthetically pleasing in any way. To top it off, the bus-sized Puma costs a whopping $1.1 million.

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If, however, you’re one of “those individuals who dare to be different than the ordinary. Those who go a step beyond achieving and dreaming the best that they can be[,]” well, your ride has arrived.

Bonus: you can tell people your car’s like a Puma, it drives on all fours.


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