Ken Block is a possessor of highly desirable vehicles. His Hoonicorn Mustang is one of the greatest vehicles ever created. It's not his only car though, as he's got a pretty badass Ford F-150 Raptor as well. Like Doc and Marty McFly don't need roads where they're going, neither does Ken Block because his Raptor is fitted with tank-like Mattracks. Hence the name RaptorTrax.

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Block and a few friends recently trekked up to Bald Face Lodge in Nelson, British Columbia to do some back-country snowboarding. The necessary tool for the trip was the truck and, knowing Ken and friends, they brought cameras along. The resulting video is pretty excellent, but we know you're mostly curious about the truck itself.

Sitting on a barge, Ken provides a walkaround for all of the aspects of his latest toy. It's a supercharged Raptor thanks to the Whipple unit sitting atop the 6.2-liter V-8 engine. Inside, a roll cage has been fitted along with a pair of Recaro seats. There's plenty of lighting as the back country is a dark place at night, and there are two more seats out back along with a pair of snowboard racks.

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Our favorite part? The attachable tow-hook grill. When you're out snowboarding, you also need to eat and having a grill on standby is a wonderful addition to an already great day on the mountain.


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