This year is going to be the last year for the iconic Land Rover Defender as we know it. It's a remarkable vehicle, known the world over, and its shape has remained pretty consistent since the first Rover was born in 1948. Over the course of those decades, Defenders have served in all manner of work and in all manner of terrain and climate. These are vehicles designed to be abused, and then get people in and out of tough spots.

Land Rover is bringing the original Defender chapter to a close this year. The vehicle, despite its toughness, is old and quite ready for an update. Still, that doesn't mean there aren't many fans of the blocky beast all over the globe. People even illegally import them here in the United States just because the desire and demand for the vehicle is so high among some enthusiasts.

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In the video from YouTube channel Cars, you can get a glimpse at the build process for a Defender. It's a clip devoid of music or talking, and instead just shows the process as a vehicle goes from bits of frame to a complete object of lust.

It will be a shame to see the old girl disappear, but we're quite excited to see what Land Rover has in store for its all-new Defender, currently thought to debut in 2016. This is a vehicle the automaker knows it can't screw up, as it's a major part of the brand identity. 


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