There are plenty of automotive video games out there at the moment, and they reach out to a number of audiences. There's the hard core sim lovers, the console wars fueled by fans of Gran Turismo and Forza, and there are also plenty of arcade choices as well. A new entry into the field is always welcomed, and the latest virtual driving experience looking to make an impact is called World of Speed.

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The game is currently in beta, and you can sign up to try and gain access if you're interested. It seems that the goal of the game is to tie in drivers from all over the world to form online racing communities, integrating massively multiplayer gaming with the world of cars. This means clubs and racing teams, and it means doing battle over a variety of city circuits and actual race tracks.

The available cars are interesting enough, and the graphics look solid but not mind blowing. It's clear that the driving dynamics edge far more closely to the arcade side of things rather than towards sim-based properties. That's fine, because plenty of folks prefer having their virtual vehicular fun in arcade environments. Still, the cornering and grip levels as well seem a bit off based on the video seen above.

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Still, as we said, the game is currently in beta. Damage will be added (though it will be strictly visual and won't affect driving dynamics), and the social online interaction could be a nice component if done well. There doesn't appear to be much new here though, so we will have to wait and see what the real draw will be once World of Speed climbs out of the beta stages. 


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