Lincoln may catch a lot of flack for its all-Ford-based lineup, but the brand is at least going to notable lengths to make its vehicles luxury-car quiet. Like other luxury brands, Lincoln uses a combination of specialized materials and technologies to make the interiors of its vehicles, such as that of the 2015 MKC crossover, as quiet as a library.

The MKC is equipped with noise-reducing tires, a special exhaust system, and aerodynamic mirrors designed to eliminate wind noise. 2015 MKC models equipped with the Reserve Package also get an acoustic windshield and front side glass.

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On the inside, Lincoln uses sound-absorbing interior trim panels, and materials with sound-dampening properties are incorporated into other components, such as the pillars, rocker sealing, and even the carpets.

There's also an available active-noise cancellation system that uses inverted sound frequencies to negate cabin noises. Like similar systems offer by rivals, Lincoln's uses microphones to detect unwanted sounds, then sends out an opposing acoustic wave through speakers. The two waves cancel each other out.

Ambient noises aren't the only ones Lincoln attacked. It claims to have reduced "visual noise" by emphasizing horizontal lines in the MKC interior's design, and avoiding jarring intersections of different kinds of shapes. Whether that makes for a "quiet" design is up for debate, but the MKC cabin is fairly clean and straightforward.

Of course, drivers can generate some annoying noises of their own. The MKC's standard Sync system includes a "Do Not Disturb" feature that blocks incoming calls and text messages.

Lincoln will need more than quiet interiors and bizarre Matthew McConaughey ads to win over buyers, though. So it will be interesting to see what comes out of a reported $5 billion investment from Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] that could help Lincoln return to relevance.


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