The Forza Motorsport world has been an evolving beast that incorporates increasingly realistic graphics with equally evolving driving dynamics. The actual "world" inside the Forza Motorsport world, however, is confined to the racetrack that you happen to be hammering your chosen vehicle upon. Forza changed that in 2012 when it launched Forza Horizon.

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This open-world driving game allowed players to cruise around freely, interact with other cars and drivers, and also participate in a wide range of driving activities. The racing elements were still there, but it opened up the Forza world and created a Forza universe. Now that universe is set to expand.

Forza Horizon 2 is on its way. This time folks will be trading scenic Colorado for scenic Southern Europe. In fact, the new game area is said to be three times as larger as the one in the first game. Drivers can race around Italy and France, which means a wide range of landscapes and scenery will be taken in.

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The Forza team have worked hard to up the ante on Horizon 2. What does that mean exactly? Well, the game will offer a much more diverse array of challenges while also offering the player much more to do in general. Additionally, the social aspect of the game has been increase if you're so inclined to play with that portion of the game. Players can now host car meets, where folks can show off their rides, share liveries and tunes, and just generally chat about cars.

Forza Horizon 2 will be unveiled in more depth at the upcoming E3 show, and you can bet that we'll be eager to get our hands on a copy to sample virtual Southern Europe for ourselves.


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