So you have a GoPro. Maybe you even have two. But you don’t have dozens. Volkswagen does, and it stuck them all over the car, put stunt driver, racer, and Top Gear USA host Tanner Foust behind the wheel, and came up with this.

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It’s a sort of choose-your-own adventure, allowing you to change the perspective as you ride along with Foust and the new 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI, tackling mundane activities in a decidedly un-mundane way.

The new Golf GTI already looked like a fun little hatch to us, but after 20+ minutes of handbrake turns, burnouts, and general hooliganism, we’re sold.

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What’s the point of all of this, though? If you buy a new GTI before June 30, 2014, you’ll get a free GoPro to go with it.

Just don’t try this at home. But if you do anyway, be sure to get it on video.