"Power" is a bit of a dirty word to some Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S owners. Subaru and Toyota went to great lengths to make their cars fun despite a relatively modest power output, and some believe this delicate balance need not be altered.

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But man has always wanted a faster horse. Cosworth, world-renowned tuners of Mercedes, Fords and more recently Subarus, can provide that horse. The company's new tuning packages, available for the Subaru, Scion and their Toyota equivalent overseas, take power from the F20A boxer-four's standard 200-horsepower output to 230, 325 and even 380 horses—depending on your budget.

Only the lower-power kit is available at first, to ensure the package works and fits correctly when the owners receive it. The 'Stage 1' package, available from $2,799, focuses on breathing. Order the basic package and you get a sports exhaust with four-inch, diagonally cut, polished tips and Y-shaped muffler. Stage 1.2 adds a front pipe with a spherical resonator, while 1.3 also adds a new manifold header. The latter isn't just effective—it has a thermal coating to reduce under-hood temperatures—it's lighter too, by a full 22 percent.

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Other additions include a "Power by Cosworth" software calibration kit, low temperature thermostat, and the obligatory Cosworth badge and plaque. And, we expect, the sense of pride and confidence that comes with parts supplied by one of the world's best-known tuners. Cosworth says its tuning packages "will allow drivers to unlock the real performance potential of their vehicles". While we like the standard BRZ and FR-S, it's hard not to believe a 380-horsepower version could be one heck of a lot of fun...


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