Not everyone has the time or money to visit Porsche's official museum in Stuttgart, but that's okay, as Porsche is bringing its museum to you. In a series of videos revealing secret Porsche concepts, the German automaker has revealed an old V-8 prototype 911 and even a mid-engined concept—but the latest shows a 1980s experiment in aerodynamics.

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At a glance, the 1984 concept doesn't look particularly special. Okay, so it lacks the large impact bumpers and myriad plastic trim of a mid-eighties 911, but the shape is still the 911 we know and love. Don't let its familiarity fool you, however—there are plenty of subtle changes. The rear spoiler is perhaps least subtle, looking similar to the units used on later 911 Turbos. The front bumper is quite different from a regular mid-'80s 911 too—smoother and formed in a single piece, rather than made from multiple sections.

In fact, with these additions it's surprising how close the '84 911 looks to the later 964 series cars built from 1989 to 1993, and even the subsequent 993 series, launched in 1993. It's changes like the wheel that give the prototype away as such—the one-piece units are very obviously non-standard, another experiment in reducing drag. The end result is a drag coefficient of 0.27—a figure that modern 911s are only just beginning to approach. A regular 911 of the time had a barn-door drag coefficient of 0.40, illustrating the value of the changes. Who knows how 911s might have progressed without experiments like the Aerodynamic Concept?

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