Building cars for Gran Turismo 6 has become almost as popular with carmakers as building actual cars. The latest to join the fray is a futuristic concept of the venerable Volkswagen Golf GTI, called the GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo. Yes, there's a comma in the name. And no, we still don’t know why.

VW presented the GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo at the 2014 Wörthersee Tour taking place in Austria, an event popular with GTI fans. The two-seater convertible is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V-6 that produces 503 horsepower and a mighty 413 pound-feet of torque, the bulk of which is developed at just 2,000 rpm and available all the way up to 6,000 revs.

The engine is mated with a seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission and drive is channeled to all four wheels via VW’s 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system. The wheels measure 20 inches across: up front, those wheels are wrapped in 235/35 rubber, with 15.0-inch disc brakes inside. The rear tires are a more massive 275/30 fitment, with 14-inch disc brakes. The 0-60 mph sprint is said to take just 3.5 seconds and top speed is a claimed 192 mph.

But it’s not just about brute power. The GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo is also extremely light, weighing just 3,133 pounds. This is due to designers using a platform that’s considerably shorter than the one in the stock GTI, and one fitted with lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber. The concept’s roadster body was also aerodynamically optimized, with the most prominent visual feature being the large rear wing. This creates plenty of downforce that aids traction, along with the all-wheel-drive system. Ahead of the wing, the C-pillars form a roll-over bar.

Inside, the driver and passenger sit in individual carbon fiber tubs. The two sides are partitioned by an open bar that ascends from rear to front, with a fire extinguisher beneath it. The seats and the four-spoke grip steering wheel are covered with Alcantara. Another motorsport-inspired feature is the cockpit display mounted directly to the steering column, far ahead of the driver.

The GTI Roadster, Vision Gran Turismo is the result of cooperation between VW and Sony to develop a striking concept to mark the 15th anniversary of the Gran Turismo video game series. From mid-June, GT6 owners will able to download the concept for the game, along with several other concepts from rival firms including ones from BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and even Red Bull.

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