While we're all excited for a new series of Top Gear, the last few trailers for the new series have been... well, a little low on excitement. Or even content. With the new series less than a week away for viewers in the U.K. (and likely a few weeks longer for those watching on BBC America and BBC Worldwide), a new trailer has hit the internet--and gives a much better clue as to what's in store in the new series. Unsurprisingly, it looks like another cracker.

Among vehicles featured in the new series you'll find the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car--apparently involved in one of the team's famous races--and a segment on the ludicrous six-wheeled Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6. It also looks like the touted road trip through Burma and Thailand involves brightly-painted and interestingly-attired trucks--and a very damp James May--while a Caterham, a tank, a Volkswagen Golf smashing up a superstore and the McLaren P1 hypercar, round off other features in the new series.

To these, we can add rumors of a visit to the V-8 Supercars series in Australia and a trip to a microcar rally in the U.K., as well as a drive in the 2015 Volkswagen GTI. And of course, we can expect some hot laps from the Stig, some stars in reasonably-priced cars, plenty of jokes at each presenter's expense, and many, many things going wrong. It's predictable, but we love it anyway. The new series is confirmed to hit U.K. screens on Sunday, February 2, on BBC2.


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