At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show on November 20, Toyota will unveil two concepts that look into the future of the automobile. The first is the FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) concept, which previews a production hydrogen fuel cell car Toyota hopes to put on sale by 2015.

We've seen more or less the same styling on the company's previous FCV-R concept. Toyota says the look is meant to convey the transformation of air and water into electricity in a fuel cell, and the power of the car's electric motor. The jury's out on whether Toyota has succeeded at meeting that design brief, but the FCV does at least look pretty sleek and aerodynamic.

Under the skin is a hydrogen fuel cell stack and two storage tanks. Toyota says the FCV has a range of about 310 miles, and can provide enough electricity to power the average Japanese home for more than a week.

Toyota FV2 concept, Tokyo Motor Show 2013

Toyota FV2 concept, Tokyo Motor Show 2013

A practical fuel-cell car looks completely normal compared to the Toyota FV2, though. The FV2 is a one-person, three-wheeled vehicle that Toyota says represents the future of "fun to drive."

That's because this vehicle can physically and emotionally connect with its driver. Just like the flying creatures in Avatar. Instead of using a steering wheel, the FV2 is controlled by the driver shifting his or her weight side-to-side. The vehicle also uses voice and facial recognition technology to determine the driver's mood, and can learn a person's preferences and driving style over time.

The FV2 is also fully customizable, with an augmented-reality display on the windshield, and the ability to change its body color at will.

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