There are very few places you can safely test the top speed of modern vehicles, and even fewer where it's legal to do so--but some sections of Germany's autobahn network tick both boxes. Following the news that Tesla would be offering a special autobahn tuning package to improve its Model S' high-speed characteristics, one owner has hit the car's 130 mph top speed for himself, on an empty stretch near Berlin.

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Martin Thomsen from EV Network DK took the Model S to an indicated 132 mph on a drive from Berlin to Copenhagen, unleashing the car's full 416 horsepower as he passed the de-restriction sign. From around 60 mph, Martin passed 100 mph in another five seconds or so--showing just how strong Tesla Motors' [NSDQ:TSLA] electric drivetrain can be, even at speed. Only as the car passed 200 kilometers per hour--around 124 mph--did the rate of acceleration slow, nudging its top speed a handful of seconds later.

Unusual to anyone who has hit similar speeds in their own car is the silence--all but the most ballistic of vehicles are working hard as they surge to those sorts of speeds, and even wind noise isn't excessive. A 130 mph top speed is comfortably eclipsed by top-end sport sedans these days, but few do so in such silence.

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It's just as well Germany is getting a full network of Supercharger fast-charge stations though--we doubt the Model S will hit anywhere near its 265-mile EPA-rated range at 130 mph...


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