Here in the U.S., Tesla Model S owners are likely to rarely reach the car’s 130 mph top speed, but in Germany, where the electric sedan has just been launched, this isn’t the case, thanks to the country’s unrestricted stretches of autobahn. The CEO of Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA], Elon Musk, recently got to experience driving a Model S on the autobahn and determined he could make the experience even better.

At a recent presentation at Tesla’s new service center in the German city of Munich, Musk revealed he will offer a free upgrade for the Model S aimed at improving the dynamics during high-speed driving.

“For buyers of the Model S, we’ll offer a free, optional high-speed tuning,” Musk said at the presentation, which is captured in this video uploaded to YouTube by Sk8orDie123 (via Transport Evolved).

Unfortunately, Musk didn’t mention what the tuning will involve and whether it will be offered to customers outside of Germany. He did, however, reveal that he will be sending an engineering team to Germany to develop the upgrade.

Of course, driving an electric car at or near its maximum speed will quickly deplete its batteries. That’s why Musk has also promised to roll out an extensive network of his company’s Supercharger high-speed charging stations. He said that by the end of 2014, the entire German population would be within range of one of the stations.

The Tesla Model S has been on sale in Germany for two months, though the car hasn’t fared as well as it has in other markets. According to International Business Times, Tesla sold 98 Model S sedans in Germany in its first two months, which was well below the sales levels of other electrics such as the Nissan Leaf and Smart ED. In fact, Smart managed to sell 146 of its electric cars in Germany in the month of September alone.


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