Audi will make a splash on the silver screen this week with a concept car designed for the science-fiction film Ender's Game, based on the popular 1985 novel of the same name.

The Audi fleet shuttle quattro was previewed earlier this year, but moviegoers got to see it for the first time this week at the Los Angeles premiere of Ender's Game.

This futuristic vehicle looks like something that would be impossible to build with current technology, and that's because it is.

The car exists only as a 1:4-scale model, and as a series digital renderings. For driving sequences and other in-car shots, Audi generously loaned the film makers an A7. Computer-generated special effects allowed the real Audi to be swapped with the imaginary one in post production.

“We have created a car for a world in about 75 years," Bjorn Wehrli, head of the design team that created the car, "which integrated itself perfectly into the high-tech atmosphere of the movie.”

The fleet shuttle quattro is apparently powered by electric motors mounted in each wheel hub. The wheels are pushed to the extreme ends of the chassis, making plenty of room for two giant scissor doors, making the fleet shuttle quattro a true four-seater.

Like Audi's other memorable science-fiction car--the RSQ from I, Robot, the fleet shuttle quattro retains a few signature styling cues to tie it to current Audis, and current cars in general. The German car maker will still apparently be slapping its imposing shield grille on cars decades from now.

Ender's Game hits theaters this Friday.


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