A Toyota Corolla is a good car for a lot of people on this planet. That's why it sells so well. It is efficient, basic, and affordable. It's not good at hauling stuff though, and it shouldn't be used in such a manner. More specifically, it shouldn't be used to try and transport 20 marijuana plants at night while the headlights are off. Consider this a lesson learned for two not-so-bright Canadian twenty somethings.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police stopped the Corolla, which was driving without any lights on. Inside, the officers found that the car was filled up with 20 plants. The passenger couldn't fit in the cabin space, so he was found riding in the trunk.

The 23- and 24-year-old idiots were booked on the charge of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking and cultivation. Regardless of your stance on the plant and its uses, we think you can agree that transporting that much of it in this manner is rather insane. Especially when you're acting extremely suspicious by turning your lights off in an effort to not look suspicious.


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