Ford’s semi-official tuner in Europe, Mountune, has released some upgrades for the Focus ST and its smaller Fiesta ST sibling, which see the cars' performance boosted while still being fully covered by Ford’s original factory warranty.

The upgrades take  between 60 and 90 minutes to install and will set owners back between $900 and $1900.

For the Focus ST, Mountune engineers have raised output by 20 horsepower to a new peak of 272 horses, which sees the car’s 0-60 mph time drop to below six seconds.  The modifications include a cast alloy inlet duct, a high-flow filter and an enlarged intercooler, along with a returned ECU to ensure the air and fuel mixtures are optimized.  

For the Fiesta ST, output is raised to an impressive 212 horsepower from a stock 177 horsepower, which sees acceleration to 60 mph drop to 6.7 seconds.

The Mountune upgrades boost both Focus ST and Fiesta ST in-gear acceleration, too. Peak Focus ST torque, raised to 295 pound-feet, improves 31-62 mph acceleration in fourth gear by 0.8 of a second to 4.9 seconds, while peak Fiesta ST torque, enhanced to 236 pound-feet, improves 31-62 mph acceleration in fourth gear by 0.7 of a second to 5.7 seconds.

Sadly, the upgrades are only available in the U.K. but hopefully we’ll see Ford offer similar upgrades here in the U.S. We’re sure Shelby American, which has already announced plans to start tuning the Focus ST, could knock out some worthwhile upgrades for either car.


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