• 2016 Ford Focus RS

    British tuner Mountune is an expert at extracting more performance from Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] products. And in recent years we’ve seen the company come out with upgrades backed by the factory, including here in the United States where it has a local arm. Now Mountune has teamed up with Ford Performance to develop some upgrades for the 2016 Focus RS. Mountune is already selling some mild upgrades for the car. These are part of its Phase One package and include items for the intake as well as to provide shorter gear-shifts and inhibit excessive engine movement. There is also a COBB...

  • Ford Fiesta ST Mountune versus Renault Clio RS
    Drive Pits A Renault Clio RS Against The Ford Fiesta ST Mountune: Video

    Hot hatchbacks are valued here in the United States--but across the pond in the United Kingdom, they're truly adored. The Brits have plenty of hot hatches to choose from, which leads to long debates about which is the hottest and, presumably, the hatchiest. One of the all-time greats is the Renault...

  • Ford tuner Mountune offers upgrades for the Focus ST and Fiesta ST
    Ford Tuner Mountune Enters U.S. Market

    Just as America’s big name tuners catch on to the idea of focusing on the hot hatch segment, one of the more established marques in the scene, the U.K.’s Mountune, has confirmed it’s entering the U.S. market. Mountune is a motorsport and engineering firm that has served as a...

  • Ford tuner Mountune offers upgrades for the Focus ST and Fiesta ST
    Ford Teams Up With Mountune To Offer Upgrades For Focus ST And Fiesta ST: Video

    Ford’s semi-official tuner in Europe, Mountune, has released some upgrades for the Focus ST and its smaller Fiesta ST sibling, which see the cars' performance boosted while still being fully covered by Ford’s original factory warranty. The upgrades take between 60 and 90 minutes to...

  • 2009 Ford Fiesta Zetec-S Mountune
    Ford In-House Tuner Mountune Works Over The Fiesta

    Most Blue Oval fans in the U.S. wouldn’t recognize the name Mountune, but over in the U.K. the automotive engineering firm has close links with Ford, especially for the company’s racing programs, and is regarded as its official in-house tuner. Not surprisingly, Mountune was one of the...

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