Just as America’s big name tuners catch on to the idea of focusing on the hot hatch segment, one of the more established marques in the scene, the U.K.’s Mountune, has confirmed it’s entering the U.S. market. Mountune is a motorsport and engineering firm that has served as a semi-official tuner for the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] for the past several years.

Mountune’s American arm will be based in Southern California, though a website will soon be launched that will allow fans from all across the country to log on and purchase upgrades and race components. Alternatively, Mountune parts will be available via authorized dealerships.

At its main facility, there will be a distribution center, rolling road, machine room and engine-building center. Heading up the operations will be a man by the name of Ken Anderson, who has previously helped bring the services and products of another British motorsport and engineering firm, Cosworth, to these shores.

“The U.S. has typically missed out on the plethora of European ST and RS-badged vehicles,” Anderson said in a statement. “Now, for the first time Ford's global one car strategy means that enthusiasts in the U.S. can finally enjoy the exact same models, and the performance parts developed for them by Mountune.”

Importantly, Mountune will continue its relationship with Ford here in the U.S., and the two will collaborate on selected products, many of which will benefit from a factory warranty when installed at a Blue Oval dealership.

So what can hot hatch fans expect from Mountune? Just a couple of weeks ago we brought you details on some mild upgrades the tuner was offering for the Fiesta ST and Focus ST overseas, but there should be much, much more.


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