Yes, the Fast and the Furious crew will be back next year for yet another installment of the popular car-themed action series--that’s movie number seven in case you’ve lost count--and they’re asking fans where the next one should take the franchise.

The image above was posted on the franchise’s official Facebook page along with the message: "Where do you want to see it go next?"

While most of the movies have featured locations found in the U.S., we’ve also seen sequences take place in Japan, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Europe to name a few.

Perhaps holding the key for Fast And Furious 7, which is slated for release on July 11, 2014, is the movie’s new director James Wan. Famous for horror movies like Saw and Insidious, perhaps Wan will take the series to Australia where he grew up.

He plans to make the movie edgier than past iterations, though it won’t fit into the horror genre. Instead, Wan plans to make it a suspense-filled action movie akin to one of the Die Hard movies.  

Apart from Vin Diesel's character Dom, it’s not clear which other characters--or cars--will return for the next installment. And in case you were thinking the franchise, even after all these years, was running out of steam, factor in that the sixth installment has managed to take in almost $700 million worldwide, the highest of any of the movies so far.


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