The Lexus short film series comes to a close with the fifth and final installment. This last video is titled A Better Tomorrow and was directed by Mitsuyo Miyazaki. It's as oddly captivating as it is beautiful.

Based in the future, the film shows a world where water has become a scarce commodity. A young boy and his sister live their days while wondering what happened to their missing father. The dad left behind a device and, once it's been activated, the world becomes a different place. We're not going to spoil the whole thing for you, but be prepared for a visual transformation. This is a Miyazaki film we're talking about here.

The prior films are titled Beyond Memories, Echoes, Swimming in Air and Chan Chung Ki's Pupil, and they are all still available for your viewing pleasure. This project was a joint effort between Lexus and The Weinstein Company. The goal is to showcase the automaker's push for more innovative design with the idea that these films help showcase that ideal. That may be the idea but we're not sure if everyone will walk away with that message.

Yes, the featured vehicles are certainly beautiful, as are the films. It just seems an odd mashup. Perhaps we're just pining for the days of the BMW Film Series, which pitted Clive Own against a series of challenging situations. His mission? Besides promoting BMW vehicles was to drive the wheels of the cars, and he did just that.


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