It seems automakers are returning to the idea started years ago by BMW. Back in 2001 and 2002, BMW released a series of films called The Hire. Each showcased a different BMW product, while the second season focused entirely on the Z3. It was a tremendous run of videos, with each being directed by serious top tier talent. Recently, Lexus turned to the world of cinema with a short film series, and now it looks like Lincoln is taking the plunge as well.

Lincoln has teamed up with Vanity Fair to produce a series of short films. It's called the Reimagine Project, and it is comprised of three short films that aim to re-imagine some classic film styles. Being served up in a new style are the genres of horror noir, screwball comedy and a 1970s road heist. As you might be able to guess, each video will incorporate a Lincoln vehicle, and each does so in a fairly inventive manner.

Of the three films, we feel that the most interesting and enjoyable is The Incident, which is the '70s road heist movie. Directed by David Ariniello and Nick Citton, it features an unfolding tale about a bank robbery that doesn't go quite as everyone involved had planned. This film uses a pair of Lincolns, and our eyes immediately notice the classic Continental coupe even before it's fully revealed in a wider shot.

The other two films (featured below) are very well shot, we just found The Incident to be the most intriguing of the bunch. Still, the camera work in Factory of Dreams is pretty excellent as it follows the actors around a Hollywood studio, and the director of A Likely Story nails the screwball comedy genre rather well.


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