While we're not exactly big fans of in-media product placement advertising, with a car-themed movie, a Mustang in a leading role isn't a grating example. Especially when it's a purpose-built, special-edition supercharged Mustang.

That's exactly the car Ford has built for the upcoming Need for Speed movie, derived from the long-running video game series. Dubbed, simply enough, the Need for Speed Mustang, upgrades include larger air intakes, a custom wide-body treatment, 22-inch wheels, and a twin-nostril hood. It's also decked out in a classic race-striped livery.

The Need for Speed movie will draw its inspiration from the games, tracing a cross-country run by the protagonists, with both revenge and redemption the goal.

While the latest game in the series, Need for Speed Rivals, hits stores November 19, you'll have to wait until March 14, 2014 for the movie.

Here's hoping it can live up to the hype. According to the film's director, Scott Waugh, "The Need for Speed movie will embody everything that fans of action racing films want to see--hot cars, high-stakes street racing and mind-blowing stunts. The adrenaline-fueled story across America will keep viewers on the edge of their seats."

But will it ring true to car guys and gals like us? Does it even need to? Is there room for another Fast & Furious-style franchise out there? Is that all that's left of cars in mainstream culture, outside of seeing who can out-Portlandia the next vegan, hybrid-driving dog owner? Should we all become vegan, hybrid-driving dog owners?


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