The next-gen Subaru WRX will be leaving its past close twinning to the Impreza model in the dust for its next generation, but it will still share some of its underpinnings with the more pedestrian Subie.

Best of all, while this WRX Concept isn't quite the real deal, it does reflect the core teem of the design of the production model we'll be getting soon.

How soon will the real car arrive? According to Subaru of America's national product communications manager Dominick Infante, speaking with Motor Authority at the New York Auto Show, we'll have the real WRX by the end of the year--at least in auto show debut form.

We were also told to expect a car that's biased a bit more toward on-road-only performance than the last WRX. Why? Perhaps Subaru is finally admitting that the global rally heritage is well and truly dormant (though it's running strong and deep here in the U.S.).

Given how much we like this car--even though it's far longer, wider, and more dramatic than the production car we'll see--we can't help but hope our favorite little boost buggy will come back with a vengeance.

We could stand to lose some of the boy-racer brashness, but at the same time, we'd more than gladly accept that than the loss of any of its edge.

Look for more on the next-generation WRX over the coming months.