Every year, the end of March brings with it increasing daylight, the promise of spring, and the annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari. A longstanding tradition in the off-roading community, the yearly event in Moab, Utah is also an excuse for Jeep and Mopar to show off their wares in the form of both concept and enhanced vehicles.

Last year, Jeep rolled out six vehicles, including our favorite, the Mighty FC Concept. Based on the design of Jeep’s “Forward Control” models, built from 1956 to 1965, the retro cabover pickup looked capable of going where even Mercedes-Benz Unimogs fear to tread.

The crowd favorite, however, was likely the J-12 Concept pickup, which took the JK-8 pickup shown in 2011 and added a stretched frame to give the J-12 a six-foot cargo bed. Exterior styling payed homage to the old Jeep Gladiator pickups, and even the minimalist interior was a throwback to a time before infotainment systems.

Jeep has just released two teaser images of disturbingly-conventional vehicles bound for this year’s Moab Easter Jeep Safari, though we’re certain more photos (and details)  will follow in the coming weeks. The first shows the Trailhawk II, based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, while the second highlights the Jeep Wrangler “Slim.”

Jeep's Wrangler Slim concept - image: Chrysler Group LLC

Jeep's Wrangler Slim concept - image: Chrysler Group LLC

Neither Jeep nor Mopar are giving details just yet, so we can’t even speculate what makes the Trailhawk II stand out (aside from its lifted suspension, off road tires and blaze orange paint scheme). The same can be said for the Wrangler Slim, and we’d be the first to admit that an electric-fuchsia Jeep Wrangler just doesn’t do it for us.

On the other hand, we’d take a Mighty FC in any color that Jeep cared to build it. In fact, if it isn’t asking too much, build ours with the 3.0-liter EcoDiesel engine and a manual gearbox. Even if it only came in hot pink, we’d still be first in line to buy one.