Subaru’s new Viziv crossover concept, unveiled today at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, provides vital clues towards the path the Japanese automaker will be taking with its future vehicles.

The Viziv is a two-door, four-seat crossover that draws its name from “vision for innovation” and it not only shows a more evolved version of Subaru’s styling language but also some new technology.

The dynamic exterior design features simple, clean surfaces and lines, plus the classic Subaru hexagonal front grille, the shape of which is echoed in the rear design too.

Other features include slit headlights with vertical elements, a panoramic glass roof insert and an ‘A-wing’ front spoiler and aggressive rear diffuser.

The Viziv’s interior also draws on Subaru’s traits of functionality and clean design. In addition, each of the vehicle’s occupants benefit from custom information displays, which can provide a range of functions including vital vehicle data and controls for the driver and infotainment and connectivity options for passengers.

Focusing on the technology, the Viziv does away with Subaru’s traditional mechanical all-wheel-drive system, replacing it instead with a ‘through-the-road’ hybrid setup consisting of a diesel engine and two independent electric motor. The diesel engine, which features a boxer design and four cylinders, powers the front axle while the electric motors spin the rear.

Not only does such a design weigh less than a conventional all-wheel-drive system, a lack of a propeller shaft has enabled designers to lower the floor and free legroom for rear-seat passengers.

The powertrain's computer selects the best time to use each power source, according to strength and driving conditions, achieving optimal fuel efficiency. Electric power is used for lower speeds, diesel when cruising on the highway, and a combination of the two for sporty driving.

A CVT is also fitted, along with Subaru EyeSight stereo camera-based driver assist safety system.


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