If you don’t know who Kate Upton is, chances are good you’re not in the demographic that Mercedes-Benz is trying to attract with its upcoming upcoming CLA Class four-door coupe. In case the Sports Illustrated cover model isn’t enough of a draw, the automaker will reportedly use music icon Usher to launch the car as well.

So says Automotive News (subscription required), which reports that Mercedes-Benz is returning to Super Bowl advertising in a big way after spending last year on the bench. It makes perfect sense, especially since the big game will be played in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome this year.

The Super Bowl may be the perfect opportunity to introduce the masses to the Mercedes-Benz CLA, which the automaker will reportedly price to attract a broader audience that its current lineup reaches. Mercedes hopes it will attract a younger demographic, too.

According to Steve Cannon, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA, “For our C Class, the median age (of buyers) is around 50. We think we’re going to get 30-something and 40-somethings in this car.”

Look for the ad to run during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, and kick off (pun intended) a series of celebrity-rich spots for the CLA Class. Per Cannon, “There’s more to come. Celebrity plays with the young audience, and we are stepping up our game. We’re going to have some fun with it in the spot itself, use these high-profile kind of celebrities in connection with this new vehicle.”

There’s a fine line, though, between offering an affordable gateway-to-the-brand vehicle and maintaining a position as an aspirational product. Can Mercedes attract younger and less affluent buyers with the CLA, without alienating those shopping for E Class and S Class models?

With a marketing charge led by celebrities, Mercedes-Benz is about to find out.