Californian tuner and top Ford dealer Galpin Auto Sports, otherwise known as GAS, will build a limited run of supercar models that draw their inspiration from the Ford GT built between 2005 and 2006.

The new supercar will be called the GTR-1 and it will deliver more than 1,000 horsepower, presumably through the rear wheels.

Based on the Ford GT, rather than the Mustang GT as reported by Autoblog, the GAS GTR-1 promises supercar performance matched with supercar looks.

Unique to the GTR-1 will be a modern interpretation of the Ford GT body, built from either aluminum or carbon fiber depending on the customer’s preference. Further upgrades will set up the suspension and drivetrain to handle the extra power, GAS promises, while the interiors will also be designed to suit individual customer specifications.

More details should be released as we approach the unveiling of GAS’ GTR-1 supercar sometime next year.

GAS has a long history of selling and modifying Ford products and was in fact the first dealership to start selling Shelby Cobra models during the 1960s. The company was made famous recently by being chosen to be the tuner of choice for MTV’s Pimp My Ride show and since then its built a number of famous cars including the Red Mist Mustang from the movie Kick-Ass and the KITT Mustang from the modern version of Knight Rider.

Preview of GAS GTR-1 supercar based on the Ford GT

Preview of GAS GTR-1 supercar based on the Ford GT