Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate, was the kind of man you wanted as a friend. One of the richest men in the world during the 1960s, Onassis wasn’t shy about spending money on those he cared for.

Singer Stamatis Kokotas fell into that category, as Onassis was both a friend and a fan of his music. Kokotas was also a car collector and accomplished rally driver, so a 1969 Lamborghini Miura P400S would have been seen as a fitting, if lavish, gift.

As Classic Driver tells us, the Miura came complete with an ornate steering wheel medallion, electric windows, rare factory air conditioning, engraved air vents, a passenger grab handle and a unique gear shift lever. Up front, a bank of four yellow fog lamps indicate that this cars was likely driven hard by Kokotas.

Time hasn’t been overly kind to the Miura, which sat in storage in the parking garage of the Athens Hilton for over four decades. The interior is remarkably preserved, but the hood is dented, the grill points downward to the pavement, the foglights are smashed and a thick patina of dust envelops the car.

Despite its condition, the Miura was expected to be one of the high sellers at the recent Coys Auction in London, England. Classic Cars For Sale advises that bidding reached a high of 300,000 pounds ($483,210), which wasn’t enough to cover the reserve on the car.

Another vintage Lamborghini Miura, a 1967 converted to SV specifications by the factory, sold for 414,000 pounds ($666,830), proving that the market for highly desirable Miuras remains strong.

We’d expect to see Kokotas’ Lamborghini show up at another high-end auction in the near future. Perhaps the car will see its reserve price met in Scottsdale or at Amelia Island, where there’s never a shortage of buyers looking for cars with unique provenance.