American supercar manufacturer SSC, the company formerly known as Shelby SuperCars and builder of the record-breaking Ultimate Aero line of vehicles, has confirmed that the very last example of the Ultimate Aero is about to enter production at its facilities in West Richland, Washington.

You may recall that SSC recently announced its Ultimate Aero XT final edition, which was to be built in a limited run of just five examples and feature some of the technology of the company’s next project, the Tuatara supercar.

Well, SSC has confirmed that production of the fifth and final Ultimate Aero XT is about to take place, and to mark the occasion the company will be posting photos of the build process on its website and Facebook page.

Pictured above is a preview rendering of the final car, whose color, chosen by its buyer, is a unique mix SSC promises to never use again on an Ultimate Aero or its Tuatara.

SSC’s Ultimate Aero first entered production in 2006 and quickly garnered a reputation for being one of the most extreme cars on the planet. Unlike many other modern supercars, the Ultimate Aero originally had no ABS or traction control despite being able to reach speeds in excess of 200 mph.

In 2007 SSC made history with the Ultimate Aero when a version of the car, the TT, broke the production car land speed record with a top speed of 255.83 mph. The record stood until the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport finally set a new world record speed of 268 mph in 2010.

The Ultimate Aero XT built in this final run is significantly more powerful than the previous record-breaking car. It features a new twin-turbocharged 7.0-liter V-8 engine developed for the Tuatara, which SSC boasts delivers over 1,300 horsepower. SSC is confident the car will reach a top speed of 273 mph, though so far has not proven the claim.

As for the Tuatara, SSC has already racked up a number of orders for the car and plans to start delivery in 2013. Pricing is set at around $1.3 million.

SSC Tuatara supercar concept

SSC Tuatara supercar concept