Don’t let the ‘fixie’ bike mounted into the Hyundai Veloster C3 Roll Top Conecpt lead you too far astray. This concept, unveiled here at the Los Angeles Auto Show, could be taken either as a thought process toward an open-top (yet still active-lifestyle-oriented) version of the Veloster, or as a first SEMA-like foray into the Veloster’s vast accessory potential.

With its hatchback and the rear part of its roof structure gone, replaced by an accordian-like fabric roof, the Veloster C3 offers two modes of open-top operation—either a ‘recreation mode’ as we see here, with the back seats folded and the top pushed open in the forward position, or a convertible-like mode with the top pushed all the way back and down, as into a tonneau.

Hyundai is essentially testing a long list of new accessory ideas with the C3 Veloster. While it’s hard to imagine either the teal back wheel (a fixed-gear bicycle identifier) or the skateboard-mosaic cargo floor catching on, a lot of the other features in this concept—such as the additional LED accents, performance exhaust, smoked taillights, flat-black details, and maybe even the idea of an extendable cargo tray—seem like they would go over well in either a special edition or as accessories.

Does the Veloster C3 Roll Top Concept build on the Veloster’s potential, or is it a little too far out? Take another look at the Veloster C3 concept in these shots here live from the show floor, then let us know in comments.

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