For its entry for the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Design Challenge, a contest that challenges the world’s top automotive designers to come up with the best concept car for a given theme, Mercedes-Benz developed the imposing Ener-G-Force SUV.

However, rather than leave the vehicle just as a design sketch or as some pixels on a computer screen, Mercedes-Benz went out and built the vehicle.

It’s on display this week in L.A. and we’ve got some live photos fresh from its debut.

With this year’s Design Challenge calling for a police vehicle from the year 2025, the Ener-G-Force may be just a little too advanced for the present day. However, many of its elements likely preview the future of the German automaker’s SUV design.

Key elements we may see in production one day include the large grille, fluid surfaces and powerful haunches.

The drivetrain of the Ener-G-Force, however, is unlikely to see production anytime soon. Hydrogen, generated from recycled water, is used to power fuel cells which, together with some lithium-ion batteries, powers four in-wheel electric motors.

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