The Range Rover has a split personality, which makes it hard for the competition to truly compete. Both a true luxury SUV and a hardcore off-road machine, the Range Rover is almost in a class of its own. Land Rover has finally revealed the new 2013 Range Rover, and it begs the question: Did Land Rover get the design right?

Land Rover says the fourth generation Range Rover is a "modern interpretation of the iconic design." While some may agree with that statement, others have mentioned some styling cues borrowed from the Ford Flex and Ford Explorer, most notably the headlight and taillight design. The front end is more swept back for better aerodynamics and the headlights run back into the fenders. Some fans have said the front doors look like they have gills, giving this luxury SUV shark-like attributes.

Porsche has recently updated the Cayenne line with multiple powertrains and a lighter four-wheel drive system. Its styling is sleeker and in line with the new 911, and the interior has been upgraded with better materials. While the Cayenne doesn't have the heritage that the Range Rover does, it certainly can hold its own both on the track and off road. 

While the Jeep Grand Cherokee is less than half the price of a new Range Rover, the Jeep has a similar off-road heritage and has recently been completely redesigned. It now features a luxurious interior in the upper trim models and has the off-road capability that few can match.

While this is a niche segment, luxurious off-road vehicles definitely have a place in the market and so today we want you to tell us what you think of the 2013 Range Rover's design. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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