In Europe it’s not uncommon to find law enforcement officials rolling around in luxury models like an Audi A6 or BMW 5-Series. Most major automakers overseas offer a series of modifications to their usual fleet aimed at customers looking for a little extra safety, and some, such as BMW, even offer vehicles developed specifically for police or medical emergency services.  

At next month’s General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference (GPEC) taking place in Leipzig, Germany, BMW is set to unveil a series of new or updated police vehicles, one of which will be based on the i3 electric city car.

Another new addition to the BMW line of security vehicles is the X3. BMW says the vehicle’s handling characteristics, reliability and efficiency are ideal for catching crims, and if law enforcement agencies are interested the automaker will happily install iDrive-controlled warning lights, LED identification lights and sirens straight from the factory.

The classic BMW security vehicle, and our favorite, is the 7-Series High Security. Updated for 2013, the vehicle is the world’s first security sedan to fully comply in every respect with the latest resistance class VR7. In certain respects, it even fulfils class VR9 requirements. Of course, being a 7-Series, the armored vehicle also features plenty of luxury, powerful V-8 or V-12 engines and supreme riding comfort.

Other vehicles on the BMW display stand at GPEC will be a 3-Series Sports Wagon police car, X5 Security armored car and the aforementioned i3. If you’re wondering why police agencies would be interested in an electric car like the i3, BMW says such vehicles are particularly suited for deployment in localized areas such as airports, larger harbor areas, for police checks and patrols--essentially, where vehicles are only needed sparingly and for short distances.

BMW 7-Series High Security

BMW 7-Series High Security