• Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking and Security system

    Porsche wants to better cater to its classic vehicle owners and has rolled out its very own vehicle security and tracking system. The Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking system allows owners to monitor where their car is at all times, receive alerts via an accompanying smartphone app, and even set various parameters for greater safekeeping. Should the worst-case scenario play out and a classic Porsche is stolen, the owner receives a smartphone alert that either the battery has been disconnected or the vehicle has moved. The owner then confirms the alert is a theft and Porsche immediately...

  • 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe fingerprint scanner technology in China
    New tech allows Hyundai owners to unlock and start cars with a fingerprint

    Fingerprints have unlocked phones for a few years now, but Hyundai has bigger plans for cars. Hyundai revealed the 2019 Santa Fe at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition with fingerprint access technology last weekend. The Korea Herald reported the technology will be offered on the new...

  • 2013 Porsche Cayenne S Diesel
    Would-Be Porsche Thief Foiled By Locked Doors

    A man in Cologne, Germany was locked in the Porsche Cayenne he was trying to steal.

  • BMW X3 and 5-Series police vehicles
    BMW Unveils New Law Enforcement Fleet

    In Europe it’s not uncommon to find law enforcement officials rolling around in luxury models like an Audi A6 or BMW 5-Series. Most major automakers overseas offer a series of modifications to their usual fleet aimed at customers looking for a little extra safety, and some, such as BMW, even...

  • Pressure-sensitive security car seat
    Japanese Security Car Seat Knows One Backside From Another

    Car thieves of the future had better hope they have exactly the same build as you, otherwise they won't be getting very far. It's already difficult enough to steal modern cars, but according to TechCrunch (via Digital Trends), Japanese engineers have been working on a car seat that won't let anyone...

  • 2011 Nissan Leaf
    Security Breach? Nissan Leaf Shares Your Location & Speed

    It might seem surprising in today's world of Facebook updates and Foursquare checkins, but people are still concerned about privacy. In fact, privacy concerns have resulted in major headaches (and lawsuits) for both Google and Apple in recent months, and we wouldn't be surprised if Anthony Weiner...

  • 'Theft proof' car graphic

    GPS tracking, cell-network tracking, immobilizers, and secure key fobs are all common these days, but what if you were to roll all of the anti-theft technology available on the market into a single car? Would it be possible to theft-proof it? This infographic attempts to answer that question. The proposed "theft proof" car packs in everything but the cops themselves. Combining GPS tracking, GSM cellular remote fuel cutoff and communication, biometric secure ignition tech, a keyless alarm system, a passive immobilizer, ultrasonic interior monitoring, and a radio-frequency transmitter to signal...

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