GPS tracking, cell-network tracking, immobilizers, and secure key fobs are all common these days, but what if you were to roll all of the anti-theft technology available on the market into a single car? Would it be possible to theft-proof it? This infographic attempts to answer that question.

The proposed "theft proof" car packs in everything but the cops themselves. Combining GPS tracking, GSM cellular remote fuel cutoff and communication, biometric secure ignition tech, a keyless alarm system, a passive immobilizer, ultrasonic interior monitoring, and a radio-frequency transmitter to signal the car's location to police, the "theft proof" car certainly looks very, very had to steal at the least. There are banks that would be easier to rob and get away from.

In addition to the high-tech proposal, the infographic contains some key stats about car theft in the U.S., so spend a few minutes and figure out if it's worth the trouble to make your car a mobile anti-theft command center. Then let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The Ultimate Theft Proof Car.

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