Famed Euro tuner haus Gemballa is back in action with a new CEO, Andreas Schwarz, following the disappearance of its founder, Uwe Gemballa, and the firm's subsequent shuttering. A press conference today is expected to clarify the details, but an interview with Prestige Cars outlines the basics.

You may remember the details around Uwe Gemballa's mysterious disappearance, which was an apparent kidnapping and ransom scenario, potentially gone very, very wrong. Gemballa's disappearance came just as the firm was facing bankruptcy, however, further clouding the affair.

But the tuner shop is soon to be back in business, ready to produce more eye-splitting modifications of the world's greatest supercars, SUVs, and whatever else it can lay its hands on. We'll keep you abreast of the latest as soon as it breaks.

[Prestige Cars via GT Spirit]